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I'm On My Way To Norway!

As I write that, it sounds like the title song for an old Bob Hope/Bing Crosby road movie, doesn't it? 3672 miles to go and I'll get to spend time having fun with my dear friend Ysla Larsen. I can't wait!

The flight is about seven and a half hours, and it shouldn't take much longer than that to check-in at the airport and get on the plane! I'm leaving now, so I'll post as soon as I get to Oslo. Ysla tells me that her brother, Erik and his daughter, May are going to come to the airport with her to meet my plane.

Erik and his wife have invited me to visit their village. It is the one on the lake that I put in a previous post. I cannot wait to see it! I've been promised a cruise around the area in Erik's boat.

This is all so exciting. Vidar (Ysla's handsome cousin) has volunteered to take me to the airport and even meet me when I return. Don't tell anyone, but that makes my heart beat very fast! I might be blushing!

I'll post more from Norway! Ser deg senere That means "see you later".

A Highly Treasured Gift

I just had to share this with all my dear blog-buds. I was given a surprise gift by Ysla's cousin Vidar. Last year when he went back to Norway, he took a wonderful photo of Ysla and her horse, Snowbound (that's the English translation of her name) and now he's turned that into a painting for me! So much artistic talent seems to flow through that family. It took my breath away and I think I've found the perfect spot in my apartment for it to hang. I thought I'd share a photo of it before I get it on the wall. I was just too excited to wait. What do you think?

Norway, Here I Come!

As my vacation time gets closer, I'm getting more and more excited about my plans to visit Ysla in Norway.
Since Ysla lives and works in Oslo, that's where we'll begin our travels. We're so excited that we've managed to co-ordinate our vacation times so that I'll get to have Ysla as my full time guide and travel compaion for the whole visit.

I think I've mentioned that Ysla's cousin, Vidar Evenstad, has an import/export business here in NYC and we see each other quite often. It would be wonderful if he were going to Norway with me, but that just won't work out this time. However he has made some suggestions of places to see and excitng things to do while I'm there. luxury-destination-norway-nature-wonders (10)
He's suggested a trip to some of the small towns where I can really get a sense of the essence of Norway. Wouldn't it be wonderful to take a boat out on that gorgeous water? I wonder if that could be arranged?

Ysla sent this photo of Oslo in the early evening. I'm positive we'll have terribly exciting times. I've been to Oslo before, but it was always a business trip and that never alowed me enough time to really get to know the city. Hopefully we'll go to some of the wonderful craft museums since we both love fabric arts of all sorts. There is a viking ship museum that should be amazing, and the Norsk Folkemuseum just can't be missed. I'm working on a long list of things I want to see and do!
Did I mention that I plan to save plenty of time to shop? You know I love to mix modern styles with vintage touches and I'm thinking that a few folk costume bits and pieces will need to come home with me. I'm all excited just thinking about it.

This winter I had a chance to brush up my skiing skills so I do think that a trip to the ski museum will be a necessity! Norway and skiing just seem to go hand-in-hand, don't they?
Here's Ysla in front of the ski lodge we visited in upstate NY during her visit.
And here I am getting ready to hit the slopes! Who knows? I might even treat myself to a new pair of skis. I'm pretty sure that I'll at least get a knitted hat and gloves.

Just writing this blog entry has made me want the time until I leave to just fly past! But not too fast. I am having dinner with the handsome Vidar tonight, and he has promised to give me more ideas of things to see and places to visit!

Sometimes I just love my life!!

Confessions of a Bad Blogger!

Yes, that 'bad blogger' would be me!
Here are my excuses: Ysla and I had such a wonderful visit and so much fun running all over NYC that I was completely exhausted by the time she headed back to Oslo. Then, before I knew it, it was Christmas and I went home to spend the holiday with my family. Remember this winter? Well, I got so snowed in that I was beginning to think I'd never get a flight back to NYC. The good news is that working in international finance means that all I really need is a computer connection, so work went on and all was well. I secretly was delighted to get to spend more time back in Anne Arbor, MI. I wish Ysla could have stayed through Christmas as she would have felt right at home in that weather.

I'm back in NYC now, and Spring is beginning to be felt and seen. Fashion Week has come and gone and store windows are beginning to show signs of thawing out from winter wear. Much as I love boots, it is going to be fun to get back to wearing some high heels again! Ysla had the most gorgeous black pumps with a platform and high heel when she was here. Would you believe that we wear the same size shoe? I got to try them on, and now I am determined to have a pair for myself. Are they comfortable? Of course not! Do they look great? YOU BET! You know that saying, "What price beauty?" … well, the answer seems to be "sore feet"!

Here is a snapshot I took of Ysla wearing those shoes that I love! Aren't they great?
Ysla really has that "European" sense of style that I've decided to implement in my wardrobe as well. She uses such classic pieces and can mix and match her wardrobe to just make it seem infinite! I need to learn how to do that. But I can't give up my wild vintage and retro looks. Those have to stay.
Here's my exciting news. I've got a business trip to Norway in a couple of months and still have a bit of vacation time. If all goes as planned, I'll get to stay in Oslo for a few days after I finish my work there and Ysla and I can play! I promise to share all the excitement with you!
Meanwhile, I'll just say, "Happy Spring" till next time.

Sights to See in NYC

Ysla's visit is getting closer and I'm putting on my "tour guide" hat and trying to think of great things to do while she's here. I know that the top of the list will have to be a visit to my favorite Urban Chic Boutique because they always have such terrific items in stock. Ysla will just love going there, I know. Next, I'm planning a walk down 5th Ave. If she's not 'shopped out' we can stop in Bendel, Saks, Tiffany and, of course, FAO Schwartz! Lunch at the Plaza? You bet!
I also thought we should do a trip to the Statue of Liberty, and we'll see if we can climb all the way to the top! Guess I'd better do some extra arobic classes to prepare!
Even though the temps are getting chilly, Ysla is from Norway, so I think she'll be able to handle a ride around the island on a Circle Line boat! I hope I dont' freeze to death!
I've bought tickets for two Broadway shows that I hope she'll enjoy. Her cousin, who has been living here since his post-college days, is going to join us for one of the shows. He's quite charming and I've enjoyed getting to know him through my acquaintance with Ysla. Did I mention how very charming he is? :-)
I've also signed both of us up for a class on making holiday items at the Textile Arts Center. And we'll definately go to the American Folk Art Museum. Ysla is such a talented artist herself that I know she'll enjoy looking at the works of other talented people.
If anyone has more suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

I'm Going To Have A Guest!

I just got news that Ysla, my friend from Oslo, Norway is going to come for a visit! I haven't seen her for over a year so I am just excited beyond belief!
I've been thinking about what we should do during her visit and I'm trying to create a really fun "tour guide" agenda. Do any of you have suggestions about what I should take her to see here in NYC?
Ysla is a fantastic fabric artist. She makes pieces that combine knitting,quilt work, and beading which are simply gorgeous, so I know that I'll need to take her to the garment district to look for goodies for her art work. And I do plan to take her to the top of the Empire State building. Now, what else to do? Suggestions?

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Diamonds Really Are a Girl's Best Friend.

We won an award!

How thrilling it was for the new Equestrienne doll in the Urban®Vita line to be given the Diamond award from the Industry Choice Awards of Excellence. It was well deserved, and I was so excited! Wanna see her photo?

#28038 Equestrienne

She is surely a jewel to be cherished. I think that collectors will love her vintage feel and yet, along with that, her very modern attitude. A bit of 'something for everyone'.

Now it is YOUR turn! I hope that you will all vote for her when Dolls Magazine's July issue is released and the public voting begins. I would be so proud and happy to have one of my friends win the most coveted award of the year, and she can't do it without your help.
Please do give Equestrienne a vote. I honestly think she deserves it, don't you?

Spring is Sprung!

Can you believe that Spring is here? I'm still enjoying wearing all my winter sweaters and boots, but I guess it will soon be time to put them away till next year.

Daffodils are blooming all over the place and robins are perched on my balcony overlooking downtown Manhattan and that is a sure sign that Winter is almost over. I always enjoy seeing the season change here in NYC. You might think that it wouldn't make much difference in a place where there is an abundance of concrete and so many buildings that it's hard to find a patch of earth to plant spring bulbs, but it does. Brighter colors in clothes start to show up among the standard black of the crowds rushing here and there, and Central Park draws more and more New Yorkers who are looking for signs of spring. Now and then I even get a cab where the driver has put some spring flowers in a holder on the dash board!

I think maybe it's time for me to look for some new outfits ... after all, a girl needs to give her wardrobe a boost every now and then. I'm off to IDEX in Orlando, Florida in April, and I'm sure to find lots of exciting things there! I'll tell you all about it as it should be fun and exciting!

Happy Spring, everyone.

Furniture with Heart!

FurnitureStore PicFinal

You all know that I love the Urban Chic Boutique, right? Well now I have even more to love about it. They have started carrying furniture in their annex which is called "Urban Environment". How "chic" is that?

When I stopped in the other day, I found simply the ideal chair for my Valentine party. Red and heart-shaped! Could it be more perfect? But, of course, if you are one of those folks who is not 'into' a heart theme, take a look at the chair in black. Oh, my! Does that not remind you of a cocktail glass? Can you see it with a small olive-shaped pillow tossed on it and sitting next to a cocktail table? "Oh Waiter, I'll have mine 'up'!" ... Up to my apartment, that is! The big question is black or red? One of each? Two of both?

There was other fantastic furniture in the boutique also, and if you can't get there in person, you can see it all on line at Be warned ... you'll want everything!

You can also click right here to buy those adorable chairs: