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Sights to See in NYC

Ysla's visit is getting closer and I'm putting on my "tour guide" hat and trying to think of great things to do while she's here. I know that the top of the list will have to be a visit to my favorite Urban Chic Boutique because they always have such terrific items in stock. Ysla will just love going there, I know. Next, I'm planning a walk down 5th Ave. If she's not 'shopped out' we can stop in Bendel, Saks, Tiffany and, of course, FAO Schwartz! Lunch at the Plaza? You bet!
I also thought we should do a trip to the Statue of Liberty, and we'll see if we can climb all the way to the top! Guess I'd better do some extra arobic classes to prepare!
Even though the temps are getting chilly, Ysla is from Norway, so I think she'll be able to handle a ride around the island on a Circle Line boat! I hope I dont' freeze to death!
I've bought tickets for two Broadway shows that I hope she'll enjoy. Her cousin, who has been living here since his post-college days, is going to join us for one of the shows. He's quite charming and I've enjoyed getting to know him through my acquaintance with Ysla. Did I mention how very charming he is? :-)
I've also signed both of us up for a class on making holiday items at the Textile Arts Center. And we'll definately go to the American Folk Art Museum. Ysla is such a talented artist herself that I know she'll enjoy looking at the works of other talented people.
If anyone has more suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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