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Confessions of a Bad Blogger!

Yes, that 'bad blogger' would be me!
Here are my excuses: Ysla and I had such a wonderful visit and so much fun running all over NYC that I was completely exhausted by the time she headed back to Oslo. Then, before I knew it, it was Christmas and I went home to spend the holiday with my family. Remember this winter? Well, I got so snowed in that I was beginning to think I'd never get a flight back to NYC. The good news is that working in international finance means that all I really need is a computer connection, so work went on and all was well. I secretly was delighted to get to spend more time back in Anne Arbor, MI. I wish Ysla could have stayed through Christmas as she would have felt right at home in that weather.

I'm back in NYC now, and Spring is beginning to be felt and seen. Fashion Week has come and gone and store windows are beginning to show signs of thawing out from winter wear. Much as I love boots, it is going to be fun to get back to wearing some high heels again! Ysla had the most gorgeous black pumps with a platform and high heel when she was here. Would you believe that we wear the same size shoe? I got to try them on, and now I am determined to have a pair for myself. Are they comfortable? Of course not! Do they look great? YOU BET! You know that saying, "What price beauty?" … well, the answer seems to be "sore feet"!

Here is a snapshot I took of Ysla wearing those shoes that I love! Aren't they great?
Ysla really has that "European" sense of style that I've decided to implement in my wardrobe as well. She uses such classic pieces and can mix and match her wardrobe to just make it seem infinite! I need to learn how to do that. But I can't give up my wild vintage and retro looks. Those have to stay.
Here's my exciting news. I've got a business trip to Norway in a couple of months and still have a bit of vacation time. If all goes as planned, I'll get to stay in Oslo for a few days after I finish my work there and Ysla and I can play! I promise to share all the excitement with you!
Meanwhile, I'll just say, "Happy Spring" till next time.

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