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I've Arrived!!

I've been so busy since I got here that I have been remiss in telling you about all my adventures.

First I'll show you what that talented Ysla made for me and had hanging on the door to "my" room.
As I expect you figured out, it says "Welcome". Wasn't that thoughtful?

I do have a funny story about what happend to Ysla, her brother and her niece before they left to meet me at the airport.

Ysla and her sister-in-law were talking about a snapshot from the 50's which Hanna had found in a box of photos that her mother-in-law had given her and which showed Ysla's mother and grandmother wearing a"Mother and Daughter" outfit. They were saying that they wished that style would come back to fashion as it was so cute. When Ysla's niece, May, saw the photo she started begging Ysla to make an "Aunt and Niece" outfit for them to wear to the airport to pick up her friend from America. Always an indulgent aunt, Ysla did just that. Here's a shot just befor they left of Ysla and May with Ysla' brother, Erik.
While the adults were chatting, May decided to climb a tree in spite of the fact that she was wearing her new dress!
Dad got her down with little damage to the dress, but he couldn't save her from a lecture about 'appropriate behavior' from her annoyed aunt! In spite of this, everyone was in great spirits and looked wonderful when I got off the plane!

This week we are in Oslo and are seeing the sights and doing all kinds of 'tourist' things which I'll tell you about. Next week we are going to visit Erik and Hanna and May. He owns a charter boat and does all sorts of wonderful tours of the lakes and fjords for visitors. Lucky me! I get a personal tour of the beautiful area in which they live. This is just the best vacation ever.

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