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My Visit to Flam, Norway

If you ever have a chance to visit Flam, Norway be sure to take advantage of the opportunity. What a magical place.

As I had mentioned, Ysla's brother and his family invited me for a visit while I"m here. Thank goodness they did because otherwise I might have missed this place and my wonderful cruise on the fjord.

I really think I could leave NYC behind and live here forever! The waterfalls were just magnificent. Brekkefossen falls could have held me entranced for a whole day if we hadn't had so many other things to do. Erik had to work, but Hanna and May joined Ysla and me for a day trip on the scenic railway. "Scenic" is the operative word! I couldn't take photos fast enough! I had hoped we'd see Huldra, the beautiful blond troll who tempts young men in Norse mythology, but she must have been elsewhere because even though May was dilligent in her search for the mystical creature, she never caught sight of her. Her Mom said that maybe it was just as well because Huldra is usually nude! And she has a cow's tail! However, she's quite the seductress so maybe a cow tail has appeal that I've missed!

Erik's business is doing charter cruises on his beautiful boat, and since we had quite a bit of 'pull' he really gave Ysla and me the royal tour! Stunning, beautiful, ... I don't have enough adjectives! It will be a high point of my entire life I am sure! I truly hope that one day the Larsens will come to NYC and let me return the hospitality.
20-259111 flam

Ysla and I are heading back to Oslo now, and on Aug. 9, I'll get to celebrate my birthday in Norway! Isn't that a super birthday present?

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