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Autumn's Arrival

I have to say that this just might be my favorite time of year. In the city, we don't see the change of seasons that much, but the good news is that I can hop into Dolly, my Mini-Cooper, and ride up the Henry Hudson Parkway to see beautiful fall color. Last weekend I visited friends in Conneticut and we got a headstart on carving pumpkins for Halloween! That really put me in an 'autumn' frame of mind.

And, the really good news is that its getting to be sweater weather. I adore a finely knit sweater that is well proportioned for my 'dolly' size. The Urban Chic Boutique has had some adorable designs and I've just 'had' to buy a couple. I even found an outfit called "Winter" that has knit leggins and a cozy matching knit sweater. Just perfect for sitting in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate!

The Boutique had an outfit called 'Autumn', and that clearly spoke to my 'Fall is here' frame of mind. The jeans that go with this set are the most fabulous fit of any jeans I own! They look great and still allow me to sit without popping the button at my waist. Even if I've eaten too much!
And it comes with a super pair of cowgirl boots that I use all the time. My fall wardrobe got a boost with all the mix'n match items. A blouse, vest, coat, jeans and boots! You really can't beat that.

Time to plan what I'll do this weekend. You can be sure that I'll get out and enjoy nature. Even if it is only in Central Park!

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